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17th Generation
The Vernon Family descendants can be traced as far back as the 14th Century. We have a strong family heritage which we are very proud of. Below are this generation's family members:

Calderon, Jasmine (1989-)
Calderon, Tyler
• Carter, Adam (1992-)
• Carter, Sidney (Missy) (1997-)
• Chance, Alec (1994-)
• Chance, Anthony (1994-)
• Chance, Jordan (2000-)
Davis, Marquita (1984-)
Davis, Monique
Davis, Tiffany (1987-)
Duncan, Amillea Patrice (2004-)
Harris, Kristin Sunn Taylor (1993-)
Harris, Lia (1989-)
Harris, Zoe (1999-)
• Melbourne, Marley Elise (2004-)
Moxley, Jenipher
Moxley, Jesika
Moxley, Mycal
Robinson, Tomika (1978-)
• Taylor, Aleah
• Taylor, Arthur, Jr.
Taylor, Brittni
Taylor, Cyenna (2006-)
Taylor, Jalen (1998-)
Taylor, Joshua Douglas Allen (2002-)
Taylor-Crooks, Kadian Jade Alyssa (2002-)
Taylor, Kiara June Aidan (2001-)
• Taylor, Shane
• Taylor, Shannon
Thomson, Dylan Matthew
Tilman, Deon
Tilman, Derrick, Jr.
Tilman, Tre Jordan (2000-)
Vernon, Maryah (1999-)
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