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16th Generation
The Vernon Family descendants can be traced as far back as the 14th Century. We have a strong family heritage which we are very proud of. Below are this generation's family members:

• Alexander, Austyn Mark (1996-)
Alexander, Brad (1995-)
Vernon, Anneliese ( )
Bowen, Matthew
Calderon, Michelle (1962-)
Campbell, Tatiana "Tati" Amalie (1989-)
Campbell-Vernon, Oren (2000-)
Carter, Carolyn (1962-)
Chance, Khian (1972-)
• Comrie, Desiree
Comrie, Sacha (1979-)
Davis, Janet (1959-)
Dawes, Cassandra (1976-)
• Vernon, Dominique (1994-)
Duncan-Vernon, Camille (1979-)
Garner, Keisha (1995-)
Garner, Tenisha (1999-)
Harris, Paulette, R. N. (1960-)
• Francis, Fallon Andrea (1986-)
• Francis, Liam John (1989-)
Jones, BJ (1983-)
King, Cameron Jacob Alexander (2003-)
King, Griffin Graeme Constantine (2003-)
King, Maya Rose Elizabeth (2003-)
Marshall, Lendel (1988-)
McGhie, Chevon
McGhie, Jadeen
McGhie, Janel
Melbourne, Jason (1972-)
Melbourne, Johl, Dr. (1975-)
Moxley, Sabrina (1966-)
Rodgers, Nigel
Rodgers, Richard
Sanford, Nadia, Dr. (1976-)
Sanford, Ryan (1984-)
• Stephens, Christina (1981-)
• Stephens, Roberta (1974-)
Taylor, Anyees (1992-)
Taylor, Arthur, Sr. (David) (1961-)
Taylor, Chelsea
Taylor, Daniel (1982-)
Taylor, Gillian (1962-)
Taylor, Gregory
Taylor, Jared
Taylor, Karene (1958-)
Taylor, Kirk (1961-)
Taylor, Laurence (1981-)
Taylor, Leanne
Taylor, Nadia (1963-)
Taylor, Nicholas
Taylor, Savina
Taylor, Whilston, Jr. (Junior) (1966-)
Thomson, Gary
Thomson-Parkinson, Nikki-Ann
Thomson, Rene
Tilman, Lorna Suzanne (1962-)
Vernon, Alexis (2003-)
Vernon, Benjamin
Vernon, Brian Craig (1989-)
• Vernon, Carleen
Vernon, Chantelle (1982-)
Vernon, Charles Bernarr (1990-)
Vernon, Cruz Anthony (2002-)
Vernon, Dominique (1995-)
Vernon, Isaac
Vernon, Jessica (1987-)
Vernon, Jessie (1985-)
Vernon, Johan (1976-)
Vernon, Jordan
Vernon, Jordan (1997-)
Vernon, Joshua
Vernon, Lauren Rose (1990-)
Vernon, Michael Bernarr Jr. (1992-)
Vernon, Moina Claire (2002-)
Vernon, Mychael Elaina (2002-)
Vernon, Nolan Alexander (2004)
Vernon, Patricia Ann (1987-)
Vernon, Pierce (1989-)
Vernon, Ricardo Antonio (1986-1995)
Vernon, Richard Anthony, II (2006-)
• Vernon, Samantha
Vernon, Sean Charles (1987-)
Vernon, Shane (1974-)
Vernon, Shaun
• Vernon, Sinad
Vernon, Tayvon (2000-)
Vernon, Toni Janai (1995-)
Vernon, Warren
Vernon, Zion Bernarr
Vernon-Kalantari, Maryam (1986-)
Vernon-Stennett, Rachel
• Winston, Daniella Nicole
• Winston, Keri-Ann Brown
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