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The Vernon Family Locations
Where in the world is the Vernon Family?

Our family members have branched out from the tiny island of their roots to the far ends of the globe. Where are you located? Please let us know.


• James, Richard
King, Angela Evelyn Vernon
King, Cameron Jacob Alexander
King, Griffin Graeme Constantine
King, Julian Alexander Constantine
King, Maya Rose Elizabeth
McGhie, Jadeen
McGhie, Janel
Stone, Claudette
Taylor, Anyees
Taylor, Whilston Sr., P. E. (Willie)
Vernon, Arla
Vernon, Demoy Andre Rodriques
Vernon, Rachel Evelyn

Vernon, Kingsley

Montego Bay
Bowen, Majorie
Bowen, Matthew
Taylor, Arthur (David)
Taylor, Chelsea
Taylor, Cyenna
Taylor, Gwendolyn
Taylor, Ivor (Kirky)
Taylor, Jalen
Taylor, Joshua Douglas Allen
Taylor, Nicholas
Taylor, Whilston Jr. (Junior)
Vernon, Devon
Vernon, Edward Sr.
• Vernon, Glen
Vernon, Hudson James
Vernon, Jessica
Vernon, Jessie
• Vernon, Marika
• Vernon, Markalia Alexia-rae
• Vernon, Marva
Vernon, Milton Warna
Vernon, Nattlie
• Vernon, Nicholas
• Vernon, Norman
• Vernon, Paulette
Vernon, Rae
Vernon, Ramon
Vernon, Rory
Vernon, Rxxx
Vernon, Stuart Andrew
• Vernon, Tony
Vernon, William Andrew (Andy)
Vernon, William "Billy"

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